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Patient Testimonials

5.0  Practo Patient Live Reviews
Ashish Kumar

Excellent doctor ,great knowledge .Went there after one of the doctors based in Noida gave me 1 week treatment for chickenpox when i was infected with T Rosea. I went to Dr.Kanwar and he gave the right medicines and the effect i can feel within 1 day of taking the medicine. Highly recommended..Thanks a lot Sir
Sakshi Tandon

It was nice meeting with him. My dad has been suffering for so long, and he visited many doctors to get his ailment cured but all went in vain. But after meeting Dr. Kanwar I'm feeling much more positive that my dad's disease will be cured soon. The way doctor diagnosed the problem was impressive. Thanks to practo that's where I got to know about Dr. Kamwar.
Shivam Prasad

Excellent experience! I needed consultation for my son who was suffering from itchy rashes on the skin. I do need to add that my son also has Down syndrome which made it relatively difficult to communicate. Doctor was there on time, very patient and receptive to fully hearing about the problem. I was searching for a specialist since the earlier medication for the same problem prescribed by another doctor did not yield results. Dr. Kanwar was very quickly able to diagnose the problem and his medication is in progress now and has so far been very effective.
Ritesh Raushan

I've never seen a doctor like AJ Kanwar sir,he has a lot of experience and good listener.Firstly he understand your problem and increase your confidence level like don't worry it's cure only in 2 days and did.I suggest to all friends/mother/grand/father..etc that please go at first time you would also feel like me. :-)
Smriti Parashar

I have consulted him both at PGI Chandigarh few years back and his Noida Clinic few days back. Both experiences were extremely satisfactory. He listens and understands your problem well and guides you with a very positive outlook. I am very happy that he has come to NCR or else I would not have hesitated to go back to Chandigarh again to consult with him.
Sonal Batra

A very good and experienced doctor. Does not recommend unnecessary medicines. He gave proper time to listen to all issues and concerns of the patient.
Maya Devi

EHe is very seasoned doctor with good experience. He is Object oriented with great subject knowledge. Dr. Kanwar is not only a great doctor but an excellent human being. He patiently listens to the problem and gives you a lot of comfort and assurance that develops confidence that you are in safe hands. I would recommend him as the best Dermatologist in Noida. I will go to Him every time.


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